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July 17, 2021

First Look :: Solar Storm

I think CiM Solar Storm (CiM224) might be my favourite 'streamer' colour so far. I am looking forward to trying the rest of them because I really like the streaky look they give. It's like the streaks you get when you apply coloured frit to a bead using a clear gather to transport and spread it except that the end result is easier to control and more predictably coloured. There's a time and place for both and I am glad to have this option in orange :)

With all of the streamer colours, I've found that it's important to use a contrasting opaque colour underneath them as the bead 'core' so that they have something to sparkle against. Otherwise, the lighter streamers get really lost against the bead hole.

Here are some fun beads that I made with Solar Storm:

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