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August 17, 2011

Test Results :: Midnight

1 - Plain, 2 - Plain (reduced), 3 - Over Clear, 4 - w/ Silver Leaf, 5 - w/ Silver Leaf (reduced & encased), 6 - Over Silver Foil, 7 - w/ TerraNova2 Frit, 8 - w/ Silver Glass Frit (reduced), 9 - In Silver Glass Frit Stringer (encased with Clear), 10 & 11 - w/ Tuxedo, Copper Green, Opal Yellow, Ivory and Peace

My three pounds of this colour are safely on their way to me, so it's safe to post about how utterly AWESOME this colour is. I'm kidding, kind  of. I haven't delayed posting this because I'm a mean hoarder, but seriously, I don't ever want to run out of this colour so I will be adding to that stash until its gone, and if CiM doesn't make more I think I'll weep.

CiM Midnight is a very stiff transparent colour, sort of like Leaky Pen, however it does not have Leaky Pen's tendency to boil, pit and spark in the flame. It is very dark, even over a core of Clear, and is wonderfully reactive with other colours but stable with silver.

In the bead on the left, the silver has stayed silver after melting it into the surface of Midnight and just sort of sat there. This is very similar to what happened when I did this test with Dark Grass Green and Ink Blue / Pale Ink Blue.

When the silver leaf is melted into Midnight and then reduced and encased, some dark blue leaches up out of the Midnight into the silver. I think the yellowing is mostly due to the Clear reacting with the silver.

On top of Silver Foil, you can see that Midnight is a dark purplish blue colour. It does not change the colour of the silver underneath it.

Like Dark Grass Green and Ink Blue / Pale Ink Blue, Midnight makes a wonderful base colour for silver glass. It behaves more like the ink blues in that the TerraNova2 frit tends more toward the purples, pinks and blues.  With Dark Grass Green, TerraNova2 frit is much more colourful, but I love these deep purple and blue tones I got with Midnight. Midnight does not really bear any other similarities to these colours though in terms of reactions.

My reduction frit in the middle bead looks beautifully vibrant on top of Midnight.

Midnight is only somewhat successful used as frit stringer. I didn't expect it to work at all because a) it is so dark and b) it is blue, so this was a bit of a surprise.

Not much reaction expected here, so not much disappointment experienced.

Copper Green
On top of Midnight, copper green separates slightly and goes faintly pinkish. This reaction also occurs when Midnight is used on top of Copper Green -- the Copper Green is a mottled pink and green patchwork in the bead on the left.

Opal Yellow
Opal Yellow rises up in a halo around Midnight dots and stringer work, which is a very fun effect. On top of Midnight, Opal Yellow develops a reaction ring inside dots and stringer lines, but doesn't really 'separate'. I like this combo very much.

When Midnight is used on top of Ivory, it appears to be a dark olive brown colour.  When Ivory is used on top of Midnight, the edges get brownish and dirty looking and the Ivory seems to separate.

The reaction between Peace and Midnight is the same as the reaction between Midnight and Opal Yellow, only slightly less pronounced.

In these beads, I've layered Midnight with other colours. The rose cane is Effetre Spring Willow and Midnight.


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