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November 6, 2011

Test Results :: Marigold

CiM Marigold reminds me a lot of Effetre Butter Yellow, which is a particularly pretty variation of Effetre Yellow that doesn't have a lot of orange striation. Marigold is a bright, warm, happy colour.

Marigold also has a beautiful, soft, smooth consistency, is truly opaque, doesn't curdle or separate easily and is a little reactive.

Marigold reacts predictably with silver, in that the silver spreads out on top of it, turns the Marigold brown and turns brown itself. Silver tends to behave this way on top of all of the opaque yellow glasses I've tried. When the silver is reduced and encased, there are some faint streaks of blue in it, but apart from that it seems to just turn grey with a faint sheen.

My TerraNova2 frit on top of Marigold started to get some pretty nice colour in it. Around the frit, the silver glass creates a brown webby outline. This same brown ooze attacks the Marigold from the reduction frit in the bead on the right, but the reaction is more dispersed and engulfs the exposed surface of the Marigold. The reduction frit looks very interesting on top of Marigold, all of the different colours in my frit blend making themselves known, and I got good shine from reducing it.


Marigold is only moderately reactive, but there are a few reactions worth noting here:
  • Tuxedo bleeds into Marigold. This is visible on both test beads.
  • Marigold and Copper Green have a dark line reaction. Also, the Copper Green gets darker and sort of shiny.
  • Opal Yellow and Marigold have a dark line reaction.
  • When Ivory is used on top of Marigold, a bright yellow line forms around the Ivory, like the Marigold has uniformly bled into it all the way around the dots and stringer lines.
  • When Peace is used on top of Marigold, the same bright yellow line forms, and in addition the Peace seems to turn sort of translucent and almost look like it's set into the bead like a groove.
I didn't make anything fun with Marigold yet, but once I do I will be back to update this post.  I think that out of all the yellows I've tested, this might be my favourite one (although I am awfully fond of Hollandaise as well).


  1. They're all beautiful! Where do you sell them (and can I afford them)?

  2. Hi Woojoo! Thank you for your kind words.

    These beads are only test beads, and I'm not sure if I still have them or not, but I could have a look if you wanted. I have sold my work in the past, but have been too caught up in my full time job and a recent move to have had time to list anything for quite a while.

    If you are curious about beads for sale or what I've been up to at the torch, you can contact me on Etsy. My shop name is Arensea