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December 5, 2016

Test Results :: Dirty Martini

CiM Dirty Martini is a very pale opaque teal that is one of my favourite colours. It's versatile, the consistency of it is beautiful, it is stable, not reacting really outrageously with anything apart from silver, and the reactions with silver just make me happy.

It makes a fabulous base colour for just about anything, and I was able to get some pretty neat effects from it combining it in spacer beads with other colours.

Reducing Dirty Martini has no effect on its colour, and Dirty Martini does not strike.

The bead on the left where I put silver leaf on top of Dirty Martini is really interesting. You can see how it has fumed brown and yellow and I even see a touch of purple underneath the silver, which has gone a yellowish grey colour.

Reducing and encasing the silver removes all of that visual interest and the silver turns snow white and all of the discolouration vanishes. Weird.

Dirty Martini seems to make a pretty good base for striking silver glass, as I got some really nice colour starts from my TerraNova2 frit in the rightmost bead. With reducing silver glass frit, it yellows significantly after the reducing step and I'm not sure that the result is very attractive.

Dirty Martini separates on top of Tuxedo, and when Tuxedo is used on top of Dirty Martini, it spreads. This was weird for me because I am accustomed to thinking that it will be the softer colour that will spread, but Dirty Martini is softer than Tuxedo. Again, weird.

Dirty Martini makes Copper Green separate. The separation is subtle, and more obvious when Copper Green is used on top of Dirty Martini than the opposite.

The most interesting thing here is that Opal Yellow makes Dirty Martini greener. I don't know how or why, but it happens both when Dirty Martini is on top and when it is underneath Opal Yellow. There's no real reaction, just greenness.

There are no obvious reactions between Dirty Martini and Peace or Dirty Martini and Ivory, although Ivory seems to really spread on top of it.

Here are some other beads made with Dirty Martini:

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