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February 7, 2017

Test Results :: Algae

CiM Algae is a yellowish/greyish dark green transparent.  I think that this colour fills an important void in my 104 colour palette, and so I'm a bit sad that it's a limited run and only sporadically available.

There are only so many dark transparent greens in our colour palette.  To name a few, we have Effetre Sage Green, Effetre Dark Emerald, Effetre Dark Grass Green, CiM Slytherin, and REI Beryl Green, and none of them are in this exact yellow-green space.  Slytherin and Sage Green are the only other green transparent glasses that approach Algae in terms of saturation level, but Algae is darker and richer than both of those other colours. Algae is the only colour in this group that has adverse reactions with Ivory, which mean that it also has a very unique reaction profile compared to other transparent dark greens.

Here, you can see how very saturated this colour is. You can't see through the self-coloured spacers. As you can see in the rightmost bead, reducing Algae does not have any effect on the colour.

Silver on top of Algae develops some blue colour, and the crust that it forms is fairly even and uniform in texture. When the silver is reduced and encased, it turns yellow and all of the interesting patterning is lost out of it.

On top of Algae, I had interesting results with silver glass.  The reduction frit bloomed nicely on top of the Algae and has cool borders to all of the fritty bits.  I got a reasonable first blush of colour in the striking silver glass, too, although it's hard to see in the picture.

Copper Green, Opal Yellow, and Peace all separate on top of Algae, whereas Ivory curdles a little and develops a dark reaction line.

When Algae is used on top of Copper Green, the Copper Green separates even more dramatically and pops up around the Algae dots and lines in light halos with dark turquoise veining in between.  On top of Opal Yellow and Peace, Algae separates so that it has a thin, dark line down the middle of its dots and stringer lines.  I can't remember the last transparent colour I tested that did this - usually it is opaque colours that I see this in.

On top of Ivory, Algae looks an ochre-y, brownish green version of itself.

Here are some beads made with Algae.

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