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May 8, 2017

Test Results :: Chartreuse

CiM Chartreuse is a bright and pretty translucent, lime green glass.  It's a more on the yellow side of green than its close cousin Inchworm, which I blogged about last week, but is otherwise quite similar.

This colour is a bit greener and way more transparent than Vetrofond Key Lime, which was an opaque chartreuse colour in the early days of it being for sale that got streakier and more cored with transparent as time went on and eventually morphed into what Frantz started calling 'Key Lime Parrot' which was a Key Lime-skinned transparent green with a solid stringer core. The true opaque Key Lime is the stuff that I miss.

This colour is perhaps a little more on the yellow side than I remember Vetrofond Parrot Green being, which was a bright green transparent that had some murky streakiness to it, and this colour is more translucent, but I think it fills the hole that Parrot Green's departure left. I wish I still had some of these two old colours so that I could do a side-by-side comparison, but mine is long gone.

Reducing Chartreuse does not alter the colour or surface finish.

Silver behaves with Chartreuse much as it did with Inchworm. It dissipates on the surface until you reduce and encase it, where it blankets the base bead with hints of blue fume here and there. Also, it does not alter the colour of silver when you use it to encase silver foil. The silver looks green through it, but it doesn't turn golden or coppery the way it does with many other colours in this hue group like Mojito and Pale Green Apple.

Chartreuse seems to be a good base colour for silver glass. In the leftmost bead, there were great reactions with the silver glass frit, although the blue doesn't stand out that well against the green of the Chartreuse, and I got a good starting strike from the TerraNova2 frit.

Like Inchworm, the main reaction ability that Chartreuse seems to have is to make the other colours separate on top of it. This happened with Copper Green, Ivory, Opal Yellow, and Peace. This colour doesn't seem to have adverse reactions with Ivory, either. In fact, you can see in the bead on the left that Ivory rises up in interesting halos around Inchworm dots.

I didn't have many rods of Chartreuse and they were all fairly thin, so apart from these test beads all I managed was this earring pair.

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