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September 14, 2017

Test Results :: Rapunzel

CiM Rapunzel (CiM627) is a light lavender pink colour. It's gorgeous with silver and silver glass, and I had buckets of fun combining it with orange and purple. It's a fairly tight colour, by which I mean that it condenses in on itself when you use it on top of other things, and other colours spread on top of it.

I usually make the plain spacers first when I make a set of test beads, but for some reason I started differently with these ones and then forgot to go back and make the plain spacers. I put maybe too much value on consistency, and so I'm probably way more upset about the fact that they're missing from this set of test beads than you are, but I apologize anyway.

Here is Rapunzel with CiM Gellys Sty, CiM Heffalump, Effetre Lilac Dark Dark, Effetre Lavender, and Reichenbach Soft Violet. Rapunzel sits directly between Gellys Sty and Heffalump, hue-wise, and is a very pretty colour.

Where Rapunzel really shines is when you pair it with silver. Silver leaf on top of it fumes the Rapunzel immediately surrounding the silver to a rich brown colour. When the silver is reduced and encased it gets a dark pink and bluish haze to it.

You can see in the leftmost bead here that reducing silver glass frit on top of Rapunzel fumes it a yellowish colour. I guess this is Rapunzel letting down her golden hair?  The reducing silver glass frit develops colour well on top of Rapunzel.

I also got a beautiful starting strike in my TerraNova2 frit on top of this colour and as an added bonus, Rapunzel separated underneath this silver glass colour and popped up around the fritty bits in little rapunzelly halos.

In general, Rapunzel separates with everything, and everything spreads on top of it.  Copper Green separates on top of Rapunzel.

The most noteworthy things that happened here involve Tuxedo and Opal Yellow:
  • Because the colour of Rapunzel is not very dense, it thins out considerably when you use it in thinner layers. It is almost translucent on top of Tuxedo, and you can see that when it separates on top of that colour it gets considerably lighter at the edges forming stringer lines and dots that are almost ghostly in appearance.
  • Rapunzel, when it separates on top of Opal Yellow also takes on some of the Opal Yellow colour. So, instead of looking like a cool pink, it instead looks like a warm, dusty rose colour in the middle of the dots and stringer lines.

Here are some other beads that include Rapunzel.

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