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October 16, 2017

Test Results :: Venus

CiM Venus (CiM911) is meant to be a transparent coral, and I can see on the CiM page that some people had that experience with it, but for me this colour ended up a light peach rather than a coral and lost its pink blush while I was working it. Since I tend to work a little on the hot side, I'm guessing it is the blasty heat that kills the pink.

I found Venus quite difficult to work with. While I tend to struggle with a lot of the light transparent colours, this one was a real monster for me, bubbling no matter how high in the flame I tried to work with it. So, heat it slowly and carefully, and maybe you will have better luck than I did.

Silver leaf fumed blue for me on top of Venus, and when I encased Silver Foil with Venus it turned gold. Reducing and encasing silver leaf on top of Venus didn't yield anything particularly interesting - the silver turned a greyish colour with hints of blue here and there where there was a break in silver coverage.

I found Venus to be an unexpectedly nice base colour for silver glass. My reducing silver glass got all ethereal and billowy on top of this colour, and I got a pleasing starting strike from my TerraNova2 frit. My reduction frit stringer test was also moderately successful, with lots of swirling blues and turquoises.

Venus is not very reactive with other colours, although Copper Green and Opal Yellow both separate on top of it.

It does a similar thing over Copper Green to what I observed with Dark Lavender, really picking up any red streaks in the CG and showing quite deeply coloured on top of it. This is a fun effect that isn't really a reaction, and I am pondering ways to exploit it. I wonder if flowers made with Copper Green petals overdotted with Dark Lavender or Venus would be pretty?

I didn't have much interest in making additional beads with Venus after the way it misbehaved on me, but I still have almost a full rod and may revisit it in the next few weeks. If so, I'll come back and update with pictures.

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