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January 31, 2019

Test Results :: Elixir

CiM Elixir (CiM485) is the colour Effetre Light Grass Green wants to be when it grows up. It's a beautiful light green translucent colour that almost glows with life.

Reducing Elixir doesn't do much to change it, but the smaller bead in this picture has less colour built up and less opalescence (because there is less glass) and so it looks darker.

Here you can see Elixir beside its cousin, Elixir Sparkle.  I am not doing these colour tests with Elixir Sparkle, but you can see some other beads I made with it at the end of this post. I found that Elixir Sparkle was not actually sparkly because the aventurine melted as I melted the glass, but it does end up an interesting streaky colour, quite a bit darker than Elixir-no-sparkle.

Elixir is not very interesting with silver and doesn't discolour silver at all. When I reduced and encased silver leaf on top of it, I got a bit of blueness on any patches not completely silver-coloured. This reaction is more to do with the silver itself than the Elixir, but there are colours it doesn't happen with so it is still worth noting.

Elixir makes a pretty decent base colour for silver glass.

On top of Elixir, Copper Green separates and turns muddy/grey/reddish around its edges.When the Elixir is on top, the colour in Copper Green sort of runs away from it, looking very light along the edges of the Elixir stringer.

Apart from a very minor amount of separation in Opal Yellow on top of it, that's the only major reaction that these colours displayed.

Here are some other beads that include Elixir:

And here is one with Elixir Sparkle.  I liked this colour too, but its unsparkly cousin is the one that stole my heart.

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