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June 11, 2019

Test Results :: Egg White

Egg White (CiM319) is a pale yellow semi-opaque colour. It's beautifully translucent and only a little reactive with silver. I found some sort of magical reactions when I went through my test set.

I found that once I got the hang of working it a bit higher up in the flame and with less intense heat that I got much fewer of these little white snail trails in the glass. It's good that they're easy to avoid, because they don't really improve the colour.

Silver spreads out and beads up in little circles all over the surface of Egg White. If you encase silver foil with Egg White, you can expect for the silver to turn a bright golden yellow. The bead furthest to the right is the big star here, with my encased and reduced silver leaf over egg white turned lacy, silvery, and blue in a very interesting way.

In the bead where I used and reduced silver glass reduction frit, the Egg White underneath fumes a greenish yellow. My TerraNova2 frit started to strike, but this glass is not an accellerant.

On top of Egg White, Copper Green stays very clean looking and separates into two very different colours. The dots and lines of it look almost like they have depth because of the amount and seriousness of the separation.

Opal Yellow separates on top of Egg White.

Using Egg White stringer on top of Opal Yellow and Ivory creates an interesting amount of depth and colour shift to the base colour underneath. I'm going to need to experiment with this some more.

Here are some other beads made with Egg White.

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