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July 9, 2019

Test Results :: Eclectus Parrot

CiM Eclectus Parrot (CiM473) is a vibrant green opal. It's the juicy shade of lime Jell-o and completely fuss-free to work with.

The smaller bead looks darker here only because more of the dark background is showing through. Reducing Eclectus Parrot does not alter its colour.

Eclectus Parrot is not very reactive with silver. Silver stays silver underneath it, and when reduced and encased on top of it, the silver turns a whiteish colour with blue streaks through it.

Eclectus Parrot is a good base colour for striking silver glass.

Copper Green separates on top of Eclectus Parrot, and there is also a slight amount of separation in Opal Yellow, Ivory, and Peace when used on top of this colour.

I don't seem to have any other pictures of beads made with Eclectus Parrot. If I make more, or I find some pictures, I'll come back and update this.

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