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April 13, 2020

Test Results :: Circus Tent

CiM Circus Tent (CiM220) is a very interesting 'threaded transparent' colour where multiple long filiments of various colours are drawn thin inside a clear rod. The clear that CiM  used for Circus Tent is much smoother, more buttery, and less prone to boiling than my previous experiences with CiM Clear would have led me to expect and I found it really nice to use.

I am not sure I love the colour combination inside this particular colour, but I am very excited about possible future colours built using this technique, maybe inside clear, maybe inside misty opal colours with more appealing colour combinations. For instance, I would love something like this with more than one layer of oranges and yellows inside it to use as stamen cane, and I'd also really appreciate a pale aqua that contained filiments of various blues and teals.

Reducing Circus Tent doesn't change its colour.

Silver is the same on top of Circus Tent as it is on top of Clear. Nothing very interesting happens, but the silver has nice visibility on the surface of it (leftmost bead).

Reducing silver glass frit develops nicely on top of Circus Tent, making me want more of the clear glass that Circus Tent is made from.

Circus Tent is not a reactive colour. The main thing I find interesting in these test beads is the way Ciircus Tent pulls into a very slightly streaky stringer.

Here are some beads made with Circus Tent:

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  1. Thank you for showing the results pf your test beads. One ofthe few that are willing to share.