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September 4, 2020

Test Results :: Slate

CiM Slate (CiM538) is a light, greyish blue transparent colour. Its darkness changes dramatically when it is used in thick layers, and it can bubble when applied using very thin stringer, so you need to watch your heat with this colour.

Slate does not change when you reduce it.

Nothing much happened in these first two beads, but you can see that I got some lovely blue cloudiness in the bead where I used Slate as the base colour, applied silver leaf, reduced it, and then encased it with more Slate.

Slate makes a surprisingly good base colour for silver glass. My reducing silver glass bloomed on top of it, and I got a very nice starting strike from my TerraNova2 frit.

On top of this colour, Copper Green looks very dark and dull, and it separates although you can only see that around the very edges of the dots and stringer lines.

In the bead on the right, you can see that I got some sooty lines in Slate as I melted my stringer down. I think this means that I need to clean my torch, not that this colour is especially sensitive, but you may want to test that yourself before embarking on a whole run of beads that use this colour as stringer decoration.

Here are some fun beads that include Slate.

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