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April 18, 2021

First Look :: Burnt Sugar

CiM Burnt Sugar (CiM733) is a brown transparent glass that is a pale brown in thin layers. Like all transparents, the more of it is bulked together, the darker it is. 

Burnt Sugar is a light brown transparent that fumes very dark with silver. Silver foil encased with this colour turns a rich bronze colour.

On top of Burnt Sugar, silver foil looks amazing. 

I love the way it crusts up on the surface, and when the silver is reduced and encased, it forms a blue-ish haze around it and looks quite magical.

Because Burnt Sugar does such amazing things with silver, I thought it might be a good candidate for using with silver glass frit in stringer, but unfortunately the reaction is so strong that the results are too dark to be interesting.

I'll show you two other tests like this from the new batch of colours in future posts, and you'll see what I was hoping for here in one of them.

This colour melts like butter, and although it is possible to boil it if you hold a thin stringer directly in the flame, it is very nice to work with. In thin layers, it is a gorgeous pale brown, and in thicker layers, a deep brown. The denser the Burnt Sugar, the darker a bead made entirely of Burnt Sugar will appear.

Here's Burnt Sugar in a group with many of the other colours from this batch of Limited Runs:

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  1. I just added it to my wishlist for my next order! Glad to see you back!