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July 14, 2011

Test Results :: Peach

1 - w/ Silver Leaf, 2 - w/ Silver Leaf (reduced & encased), 3 - w/ Silver Foil, 4 - w/ TerraNova2 Frit, 5 - w/ Silver Glass Frit (reduced), 6 - w/ Silver Glass Frit Stringer, 7 - Plain, 8 - Plain (reduced), 9 - w/ Copper Green, 10 - w/ Opal Yellow, 11 - w/ Ivory, 12 - w/ Peace

Lauscha Peach is a very pale, subdued peach transparent glass.  It is a little reactive with silver, although not on the same scale as Light Brown Transparent or Straw Yellow, and has a beautiful consistency.  It is not particularly prone to boiling.

Silver leaf melted onto the surface of a Peach bead is not terribly interesting, just looking like random greyish surface discolouration, however when the silver leaf is reduced and encased, it takes on a shiny, ethereal appearance under the encasing layer with a tinge of lavender to it.

When Peach is applied over silver foil, the silver foil turns a rich gold colour.

Peach is an average base colour for silver glass frit.  Nothing exceptional happened, but there was no epic fail either.

Here I used frit stringer made from Peach and silver glass reduction frit (Kronos, Psyche, Gaia, Elektra) to encase a core of Peach, and then encased the whole thing with Clear.  The resulting striations are interesting, but don't have much colour to them.  I got much prettier results with this technique with Effetre Straw Yellow, Effetre Light Brown, Effetre Pale Green Apple and CiM Mojito, but this less colourful result has possible uses as well.


And here is Peach with Copper Green, Opal Yellow, Ivory and Peace.  Not much to report here in terms of reactions.

I haven't made anything very fun with Peach yet, but I still have a couple of rods left so I will try to get something posted in the next couple of weeks.

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