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November 27, 2019

Test Results :: Your Majesty

CiM Your Majesty is a rich, deep purple transparent colour.

Reducing Your Majesty does not change its colour.

Probably a better comparison here would have been if I had used Dark Amethyst, but you can see here that Your Majesty is deeper in hue than Medium Amethyst by a fair bit.

In this picture, you can see that Your Majesty probably falls somewhere between Medium Amethyst and Dark Amethyst in terms of its darkness.

I have not yet tested many of the Effetre purples, so I am not sure how common this reaction is. In the rightmost bead here, I got a dramatic blue blush from my reduced and encased silver and its lightening and blueing affect on the Your Majesty is really pretty.

Your Majesty is not magical with silver glass, but it seems to make a decent base colour.

Your Majesty is not very reactive. On top of Your Majesty my Ivory stringer lines and dots got fuzzy edges, but that's the only thing I noticed here of significance.

Here are some other beads made with Your Majesty.

November 5, 2019

Test Results :: Anole

Today is my 10th anniversary!  10 years ago, I posted my first glass review and then look what happened.  I hope you enjoy this one and the ones that will inevitably follow.  I don't know whether or not I have 10 more years of this in me, but I guess it's possible! :D


CiM Anole (CiM480) is a pretty, light green semi-opaque colour that stays translucent as you work it. It's the same hue as Elixir, only with less translucency.

I was not expecting it to be, but Anole is a bit sensitive to overreduction. Reducing it here made it darker and yellower than the other Anole beads.

Silver disperses over the surface of Anole in little veins, and then springs forth with a largely uninteresting white blankety effect when it is encased, without any blue blushing, translucency, or iridescence to make it interesting.

I got pretty colour from my reducing silver glass frit against this colour, even if my TerraNova2 frit was slow to strike on top of it. These reactions were a bit of a let-down though after my results with Elixir. I think I'm noticing that the misty opals have some silver glass-influencing power in them that colours like Anole lack.

Ivory and Copper Green both separate on top of Anole, but apart from that I didn't notice much in terms of reactions in these beads.

Here are some beads made with Anole.