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I write this blog because I need this information in my own work, and it makes me happy to share it with other lampworkers. I provide the information that I myself want about the colours out in the marketplace, and get varying levels of assistance from the glass manufacturers. Much of the glass that I use for testing is purchased with my own money, and each set of tests takes me between 2-4 hours to execute, including the photography and writeup.

If you would like to support the work that I do in an ongoing way, or make a one-time donation to show your appreciation, you can use the PayPal link below:

I am very grateful to the following individuals who have provided some of the glass that I have used in my testing:
In return, they receive my honest feedback about the glass and an assurance that I will post my results publicly in a timely way.

If you are a member of the glass community and you want to re-use any of the material I have posted, please feel free to do so as long as you credit my work appropriately on your own site. By 'appropriate', I mean that if you reuse any of my words, you attribute the quotation, and if you re-use any of my photos, you credit me for the photography. I would prefer you link back to back to my blog posts whenever you want to reference the content rather than engaging in wholesale lifting and reposting of my writing.