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June 23, 2012

Test Results :: Gooseberry

1 - w/ Silver Leaf, 2 - w/ Silver Leaf (reduced & encased), 3 - Over Silver Foil, 4 - w/ Silver Glass Frit (reduced), 5 - w/ TerraNova2 Frit, 6 - w/ Silver Glass Frit Stringer, 7 - Plain, 8 - Plain (reduced), 9 & 10 - w/ Tuxedo, Copper Green, Opal Yellow, Ivory, Peace

CiM Gooseberry is a yellowish green moonstone colour. It is very similar to Mojito in hue, but is milkier. Its reactions are also fairly similar to the reactions I observed when I tested Mojito, however they are more intense... Gooseberry is a very reactive colour.

Gooseberry doesn't boil, bubble or do any other annoying things while you're melting it. I like this in a transparent.

Other testers have reported that striking Gooseberry makes it milkier, and I experienced that as well. The other thing I noticed is that striking it (in the case of the bead on the right, above, in a reducing flame) also makes it less yellow.

Silver leaf melted into the surface of Gooseberry (left, above) makes the Gooseberry turn a dark brownish burgundy colour. The silver itself turns a bluish green. This is a pretty neat effect.  When the silver is reduced and encased, most of that neat effect disappears, but it does turn a goldish green in places and form a reflective 'blanket'.

When Gooseberry is used over Silver Foil, the Silver Foil turns a deep, rich, coppery colour.

Reducing silver glass frit over Gooseberry is beautiful. In the bead on the left, above, I really like the odd webbing that developed in the middle of the pieces of frit, the outline that developed around it and the gorgeous colours I got. We can't say the same thing about the gross, dull mess my TerraNova2 frit turned. So, my tentative hypothesis is that Gooseberry is a better base for reducing silver glass than it is for the striking colours. You can see in the bead on the right that my futile attempts to strike the TerraNova2 frit have made the Gooseberry go a little milky.

This is silver glass frit stringer made with Gooseberry and my reducing silver glass frit blend, applied over a core of Gooseberry and then encased with Effetre Clear. I got great streaky striping from the frit when used with Gooseberry, although the effect is a little dark.

The reactions here are dramatic, but simple to talk about.

Gooseberry has made Copper Green, Opal Yellow, Ivory and Peace all separate, both when it is used on top of the colours and when those colours are used on top of it. This effect is particularly dramatic with Copper Green and Opal Yellow.

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