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March 10, 2013

Pantone Colours - Fall 2013

I had so much fun with this with the Spring palette, that I've decided to give it a shot again for the Fall one.

So, here we have the women's palette on top and the men's palette on the bottom. The only colour that is different between the two, apart from the order the colours are shown in, is the 'pink' which is noticeably purpler in the men's palette (Beaujolais vs. Vivacious).

The only colour in the fall palette that was also in the spring palette is that darned Emerald colour. The one colour I wasn't super-fond of in the Spring palette just won't die.

Matching 104 COE glass colours to some of the colours in this palette is a bit of a challenge, but I've done my best below. I'll continue to think about it and come back here to update anything that occurs to me over the next little while.

EFF Purple Red
CiM Valentine (A little dark, maybe not quite purple enough)
EFF Spanish Leather (a little on the orange side maybe)

EFF Striking Orange Transparent
CiM Phoenix
EFF Light Zucca (this is streaky, and will end up having yellow in it though)

Linden Green
EFF Olive Transparent (also called Envy - this might be a little dark, but it's close)
CiM Gooseberry (limited run)
EFF Spring Willow
CiM Mojito
LAU Thüringen Herb (not currently available)
EFF Pale Green Apple

Deep Lichen Green
LAU Thüringen Forest (This is a pale transparent, but the hue is about right)
KUG Isar Blue (This is not as dark either, but in the right ballpark)
EFF Dark Steel Grey (Especially over Ivory)
EFF Chocolotta Verde (On the brown side, but closer than a lot of other colours)
LAU Olive (Not quite dark enough or grey enough, but close)
CiM Dried Sage (limited run)

CiM Sherwood
CiM Moana (limited run)
CiM Sea Foam (limited run)
EFF Light Teal Transparent
CiM Galapagos (limited run)
EFF Petroleum Green

Mykonos Blue
EFF Earth (This gets streaks of turquoise in it which aren't, strictly speaking, in the palette)
REI Iris Dense Blue (a little dark, but as I said, this is kinda hard!)
CiM Electric Avenue (a little green)
LAU Steel Blue (a lot dark really, but this is a seriously hard colour to match)
CiM Leaky Pen (thinned out, on top of lighter colours, this is very close)
REI Mystic Blue

EFF Dark Violet Transparent
EFF Light Violet Transparent
CiM Thai Orchid

CiM Simply Berry
CiM Mulberry (limited run)
EFF Dark Purple Transparent (also Medium, Light and Pale for the full saturation spectrum)

There's a lot of this colour in TerraNova2/2.1 depending on how much you strike it. Actually, TerraNova2/2.1 probably also brings us Acai and Mykonos Blue. A lot of the striking silver glasses will strike with colours falling into this palette. TAG Fire Lotus also springs to mind as another that would probably contain Mykonos Blue, Acai, Beaujolais and even Vivacious if you're really sweet to it.

EFF Dark Pink (no matter which batch, it won't be dark enough, but I can't think of any other opaque that will work here)
EFF Rubino Oro
CiM Cranberry
REI Pink Lady

VET Medium Grey
CiM Charcoal (limited run)

LAU Cocoa
EFF Oliva Nera
CiM Adamantium (a little on the grey side, but what the heck)
CiM Truffle (limited run)
EFF Dark Walnut

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