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November 28, 2016

Test Results :: Carnelian Opalino

Effetre Carnelian Opalino is such a beautiful colour of pink. I find it an easy glass to use, without significant boiling or shocking issues the way people fear with the Opalino colours. Each batch of Carnelian seems to be a bit different, with the most recent batch being beautifully rich in colour.

It's also among a small number of deep pinks that are not antagonistic towards Ivory, because colours like Opal Raspberry, Rubino Oro, Cranberry, and Sedona turn Ivory into a black mess. It's nice that there are a few pinks out there that can be used with Ivory without creating that problem.

Reducing has no specific, unique effect on the colour of Carnelian Opalino, but here when I reduced the bead, reintroducing it to the heat resulted in the colour striking.  Carnelian is a striking pink, and the more times you heat and cool it, the pinker it gets.

In these beads you can see that using silver with Carnelian turns it a bit orange, which is consistent with how I am accustomed to pinks behaving when silver is added. Reducing and encasing the silver made most of the orange go away.

Carnelian is a nice base for silver glass. My reducing silver glass pops on top of it colourwise, mostly because of the good contrast between the yellowed pink and the blue frit. In the rightmost bead, you can see that colour started to bloom early in my TerraNova2 frit, which is a good sign that this is a decent base colour for striking silver glass.

Copper Green separates on top of Carnelian, and when Carnelian is used on top of Copper Green, you can see light lines around the Carnelian as well as a fracturing of the Copper Green into little beads of dark turquoise. Neat.

Opal Yellow also separates on top of Carnelian, and on top of Opal Yellow, Carnelian looks a bit orange. I think this is because it is semi-opaque, and it's the result of the yellow peeking through the pinkness.

There are no real reactions to speak of with Carnelian and Tuxedo, Ivory, or Peace.

Here are some beads made with Carnelian.

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