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December 19, 2016

Test Results :: Periwinkle

I'm finally testing Effetre Periwinkle. I've spent eight years avoiding this colour pretty religiously, so it's surprising (to me) that I'm using it so much right now. It's a pretty but kind of alien colour that falls somewhere between blue and purple on the colour wheel.

Reducing Periwinkle doesn't have any effect on its colour.

Silver seems to discolour periwinkle slightly, which seems like it could be fun. The silver, reduced and encased, lies like a lacy whiteish blanket under a layer of clear in the leftmost bead.

In the bead on the left, you can see again how reducing the silver glass has discoloured the periwinkle, robbing it of its bright blueness. The silver glass frit is a touch coppery on top of the periwinkle, which I don't usually see in this test. in the bead on the right, I got big pale halos around all of the TerraNova2 fritty bits.  I didn't get much colour from the TerraNova2 in this quick test beads, telling me that it isn't one of the magic silver glass base colours I'm hunting for.

Periwinkle is not a very reactive colour. However, there are a few notes for me to make here.

On top of Tuxedo, Periwinkle seems to separate very slightly, developing some translucency around its edges. Tuxedo bleeds into Periwinkle when it is used on top.

With Periwinkle, I got a lot of the grunginess on my Copper Green that I only seem to avoid naturally when I combine the Copper Green with certain other colours.  I don't know if Periwinkle brings out the sludginess or if it just doesn't help to inhibit it, but I definitely get this more when combining Copper Green with some colours than others.

When I used Periwinkle on top of Opal Yellow, a faint crevice showed around all of the dots and stringer lines causing them to almost look lifted off the surface of the bead.

I don't have anything significant to add about either Ivory or Peace.

Here are some other beads that include Effetre Periwinkle:

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