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May 1, 2017

Test Results :: Orange Dreamsicle

Vetrofond Orange Dreamsicle is an orange that packs a lot more punch than the rods lead you to expect.  It is annoyingly shocky (you can expect it to chunk off the rod in approximately 1" pieces, most of the time, while you're working it) and it boils really easily. Some of my rods have little rocks in them, and some of them are wonkily shaped.

My Orange Dreamsicle also has rather less white streakiness than the variety pictured on Frantz Art Glass' website. This isn't usually necessary, but since the Vetrofond odd lots had a lot of variation, and my Orange Dreamsicle looks different than the Orange Dreamsicle samples I've seen online, I should show you an unworked rod:

Orange Dreamsicle is a bit of an opacity puzzle. It looks quite transparent in rod form, but beads made with it are not particularly transparent at all.  It looks almost like veiled cane when you look at the unworked rods, and pulls out very transparent in stringers, but is still quite a dense colour when it strikes. I guess it's opaque-ish?

Orange Dreamsicle does not change colour when you reduce it. It's a striking colour, so the final shade can vary, but it is easy to strike to this bright orange.

When you use silver on top of Orange Dreamsicle, it discolours it and turns it a greyish brown. The silver balls up and spreads out in a lacy way. When the silver is reduced and encased, it turns blue and the greyish brown fugliness of the base colour transforms back to orange.

Oops. Wouldn't it be nice if I'd cleaned these beads properly?  The leftmost bead shows that Orange Dreamsicle is very pretty with reducing silver glass frit. The frit gets a dark outline that really makes it pop, and the colour contrast between the orange and blue is very dramatic.  In the bead on the right, you can see I got very interesting colour from my TerraNova2 frit on top of Orange Dreamsicle.

When Tuxedo is used on top of Orange Dreamsicle, there are no obvious effects, but when Orange Dreamsicle is used on top of Tuxedo you can see that it separates and develops a thin line down the middle of stringer lines.

Copper Green and Orange Dreamsicle have a mutual dark line reaction. The line is more pronounced and darker when Orange Dreamsicle is used on top of Copper Green.

Opal Yellow and Peace separate very slightly on top of Orange Dreamsicle, but there is no obvious reaction when the Orange Dreamsicle is used on top of those colours.

Ivory really spreads on top of Orange Dreamsicle, and looks faintly translucent.

Here are some beads made with Orange Dreamsicle:

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