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September 7, 2017

Test Results :: Bone

CiM Bone (CiM826) is a lovely, pale neutral colour. It's reactive, but much less volatile than other Ivories that we currently have available. Bone is paler and cooler than Effetre Ivory, and I think you'll like its reaction profile.

Do you miss Vetrofond Ivory and Yellow Ice? Bone isn't the same, but it is Ivory in colour, is not reactive in a muddy, negative way, and is beautiful with silver, which are the three things I miss most about those colours.

Reducing Bone seems to warm its colour to a light tan.

Here is CiM Bone with Vetrofond Biscotti, Vetrofond Cream, Reichenbach Porcelain, Effetre Wood, and Effetre Ivory. As you can see, it's very similar in colour to Vetrofond Cream. I haven't done a lot with Cream yet, so I am not certain how similar it and Bone are in other respects.

Silver Leaf on Bone behaves pretty much the way you'd expect if you know what it does with Effetre Ivory. The base colour fumes a deep brown and the silver gets a goldish cast to it. When the silver is reduced and encased, it turns blue in patches.


Since Effetre ivories are fun with silver, I thought I'd try silvered stringer with Bone.  Here's what silvered Bone is like - not as veiny as Effetre Ivory but a very interesting, mottled organic effect.

Reducing silver glass on Bone fumes the surface a richer Ivory colour and brownish around the edges of the frit. Striking silver glass on top of Bone was a slow starter. I looked back at my tests for Vetrofond Ivory and Effetre Light Ivory and it seems like this colour's less dramatic reactions mean that it will be less exciting with silver glass, but I would love it if someone would prove me wrong.

Like other Ivories, Bone develops a reciprocal dark line reaction with Opal Yellow. Unlike other Ivories, Bone does not react negatively with Copper Green, forming no dark line reaction at all. I have no idea why, but I can be grateful for this without understanding it.

Bone separates on top of Copper Green and Tuxedo.When Tuxedo is used on top of it, the Bone rises up in halos around the Tuxedo stringer lines and dots. When Copper Green is used on top of it, the Copper Green separates but the colour of it remains so dark and gunmetalish that it's not all that easy to see the reaction.

Has anyone else noticed that Tuxedo has gotten bluer and more transparent in recent years? I don't know what the current batch is like, but this stuff from last year seems much less opaque than I am used to.

Here are some other beads that include Bone.

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