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May 23, 2018

Test Results :: Merryweather

CiM Merryweather (CiM556) is a bright, medium, translucent blue. I say translucent rather than semi-opaque because the rods I had actually retained their translucency, which I really love but is definitely not true of all of the semi-opaque colours in the CiM line.

An example of a semi-opaque colour that seems to not want to be translucent after working, Electric Avenue is on the right here. You can see that Merryweather and Electric Avenue are quite similar in colour, but Merryweather has stayed more translucent.

Tardis is like Merryweather in that it also stays translucent, but is somewhat darker.

Merryweather does not change when you reduce it.

Silver is all kinds of crazy on top of Merryweather. Nothing about its reactions remind me of Tardis, which was basically inert with silver and very gentle with other colours. Silver on top of Merryweather turned a bizarre, mottled greenish colour which it retained when I reduced and encased it.

Silver glass develops colour nicely on top of Merryweather.

Merryweather separates Copper Green, Opal Yellow, and Peace.

Ivory develops a fuzzy brown line around it when used on top of Merryweather, and when Merrweather is used on top of Ivory, you can see a brownish reaction through the translucency of its colour.

Here are some fun beads with Merryweather.

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