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July 22, 2018

Test Results :: Dark Red Brown

Effetre Dark Red Brown (EFF452) is a very dark, brown, opaque colour. It is not terribly reactive, and lightens up considerably when used in thin layers.

Dark Red Brown doesn't change colour when you reduce it.

Dark Red Brown behaviour with silver is consistent with what I've experienced with both other Browns and other Reds. Silver develops a greyish crust on top of Dark Red Brown, and when that silver crust is reduced and encased, it turns blue.

Dark Red Brown makes a fairly effective base colour for silver glass. You can see in the left bead here that my blue reducing silver glass got nice colour and interesting outlines on top of this colour. It's less evident from the picture that I got nice colour from the TerraNova2 frit because the whole bead is so dark, but the frit did get a nice starting strike.

Dark Red Brown is definitely not a colour that helps Copper Green stay green. My Copper Green with this colour has a distinctly ungreen reddish greyness about it.

Ivory, Opal Yellow, and Copper Green all separated on top of Dark Red Brown. Peace didn't.

Dark Red Brown is a very saturated, deep colour but you can see that it lightens up substantially when used in thin layers on top of much lighter colours like Opal Yellow, Ivory, and Peace.

Here are some other beads that contain Dark Red Brown.

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