December 20, 2018

Test Results :: Eden

Creation is Messy Eden (CiM470) is a gorgeous dark green transparent. It has aventurine in it, and I can see on the CiM pages that other people have had some luck keeping the sparkle and even magnifying it under clear, but I haven't experienced that. Regardless, it's a really pretty green and will make a fabulous encasement layer for my vine canes.

Eden, predictably, doesn't do anything when it is reduced.

From left to right, on top of Peppermint Cream, you see Slytherin Unique #2, Slytherin Unique #1, Algae, and Eden. Eden is a rich, evergreen green that is less yellow than the Slytherins and Algaes of the world.

Silver crusts up on top of Eden, and if you reduce and encase it, you get some blue haze.

Reducing silver glass on top of Eden is nice - I got pretty colours from my frit. The striking silver glass didn't do anything magical.

Eden is a stable, barely reactive colour. Apart from some separation in the Copper Green, Opal Yellow, and Ivory on top of it, it didn't do anything surprising. It's nice that it doesn't react with Ivory.

Here's a goddess bead made from Eden with some Raku shards.

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