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January 29, 2019

Test Results :: Dark Turquoise Alabastro

Effetre Dark Turquoise Alabastro (EFF356) is a pretty, medium blue semi-opaque colour. It is reactive in ways that are predictable for a blue glass, developing a dark line reaction with Ivory.

I've decided that the Effetre Alabastros are going on my shit list. I don't hate this one nearly as much as I disliked Ivory Alabastro, but it is annoying to use because it bubbles and is a little shocky. When there are semi-opaques in the CiM line like Electric Avenue and Tardis that don't behave this way, I don't see any need to put myself through the pain and irritation of using these Effetre Alabastro colours.

Nothing happens when you reduce Dark Turquoise Alabastro. I was a little surprised, because I thought it might get that red copper reduction finish on the surface, but it didn't.

On top of Dark Turquoise Alabastro, silver is fairly inert. It's interesting when you reduce and encase it because that turns it yellow.

Dark Turquoise Alabastro makes a reasonable base colour for striking silver glass. I got a nice start from my TerraNova2 frit on top of this colour.

Dark Turquoise Alabastro develops a dark line reaction with Ivory. Because of its translucency, this dark reaction is also visible to a slightly lesser extent in the dots and lines as a whole, turning them a smoky brownish colour. Copper Green and Opal Yellow both separate on top of Dark Turquoise Alabastro.

I haven't done much with this colour because using it to make these test beads didn't make me love it enough to make even one more bead. If I do ever use it to make something more exciting, I'll come back and update this post.

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