June 20, 2019

Test Results :: Cerulean

CiM Cerulean (CiM559) is a medium aqua transparent, almost the same colour as Effetre Light Aqua. It's maybe a shade or two darker than Light Aqua and a little stiffer in its working viscosity.  For me, this colour and Cerulean Sparkle (CiM560) were essentially the same colour so I'm not testing them separately.

Here the small spacer only looks a bit darker because there's less glass on the mandrel to colour-filter the dark grey background. I noticed no real visual difference when I reduced this colour.

On top of Cerulean, silver beads up and disperses the same way as it did on top of CiM Aiko, but unlike my results with that colour the silver here turned greyish and looked a little smeared. 

Cerulean doesn't discolour silver, as you can see in the middle bead where I sandwiched a layer of silver foil between a base and encasement layer of Cerulean.

Finally, when I reduced and encased silver leaf on top of Cerulean I got a lovely silvery and blue-blushed coating underneath my Super Clear.

I got some good starting strike out of my TerraNova 2 frit with this colour, and silver glass seems to generally like it although I don't have much use for the blue-on-blueness of the left bead.

I really like the colour I got from Cerulean when I layered it over Opal Yellow. It got bluer and the dots and lines have a slightly mottled look that is very appealing and organic.

When Cerulean is on top of Ivory, it turns the Ivory brownish the same way Effetre light Aqua does. Strangely enough, when the Ivory is on top, you don't see much reaction between the two colours.

Here are some other beads that include Cerulean:

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