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July 18, 2019

Test Results :: Wisteria

Wisteria (CiM628) from Creation is Messy is a misty opal version of Crocus, and is officially the prettiest lavender that I've ever used. Because it is a limited run, maybe you didn't get any. I'm sorry about that - I didn't get very much either, but I will hope that it gets remade so that we can all have more. I have been thinking about whether or not I would still need Crocus if this colour were made more regularly, and decided that I wouldn't want to have to choose. I hope CiM produces more batches of both colours.

I got a few bubbles in these initial beads that I made, but Wisteria is not a bubbly colour. It works up with minimal fuss, and its colour stays true whether your flame is oxidizing or reducing.

Silver affects the colour, though, and you can see here how the application of silver leaf made the colour greyer. In the bead where I reduced and encased the silver, a lot of the grey was transformed into the silvery coating you can see under my clear layer.

Silver glass is pretty on top of Crocus.

And finally, Crocus is not very reactive with other colours. None of my usual combinations provoked any reactions from it, and the only thing worth noting here is how dull Copper Green looks on top of it.

Here are some beads I made with this pretty colour.

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