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November 27, 2019

Test Results :: Your Majesty

CiM Your Majesty is a rich, deep purple transparent colour.

Reducing Your Majesty does not change its colour.

Probably a better comparison here would have been if I had used Dark Amethyst, but you can see here that Your Majesty is deeper in hue than Medium Amethyst by a fair bit.

In this picture, you can see that Your Majesty probably falls somewhere between Medium Amethyst and Dark Amethyst in terms of its darkness.

I have not yet tested many of the Effetre purples, so I am not sure how common this reaction is. In the rightmost bead here, I got a dramatic blue blush from my reduced and encased silver and its lightening and blueing affect on the Your Majesty is really pretty.

Your Majesty is not magical with silver glass, but it seems to make a decent base colour.

Your Majesty is not very reactive. On top of Your Majesty my Ivory stringer lines and dots got fuzzy edges, but that's the only thing I noticed here of significance.

Here are some other beads made with Your Majesty.

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