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April 28, 2010

April Palette Update

Here's a snapshot of my palette, where it currently sits. I'm really feeling great about having this structure back, although I'm frustrated with my colour testing rate. It's a sick form of punishment for me to only be able to torch once or twice a week. Whoever dreamed it up is mean and wrong, and I'm not sure what I've done to deserve it.
  • CiM Desert Pink 
  • CiM Sepia Unique #1
  • EFF Mud Slide
  • EFF Dark Grass Green
  • CiM Elphaba Unique #2
  • EFF Ink Blue
  • REI Mystic Grey Blue
  • CiM Poi
  • DHX TerraNova2.1 Light
  • DHX Clio
  • PRC Sasha's Silver
  • PRC Abe's Ivy
Desert Pink has replaced Silver Pink for a while... I didn't get to blog Silver Pink yet, so I'll be back.

Mud Slide has replaced Canyon de Chelly

Grasshopper replaced Commando but was retired in favour of Elphaba Unique #2

Blue-Violet (Hawaiian Purple) replaced Poi, but then I got a custom order and had to put the Poi back

Clio has replaced OK326

And I cheated a little... I wasn't out of TerraNova2, but I was dying to try the new light version of TerraNova2.1 that I got in the mail last weekend, so I kicked the TerraNova2 to the curb for a while. 

Anyone care to join me? If so, the staple colours that you are allowed to use with this palette are Black, White, Clear, Ivory, Dark Ivory, Adamantium, Opal Yellow and Copper Green. Dichro and metals are also allowed.

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