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May 5, 2010

Spring / Sprung

I made this bead a few weeks ago, and I posted it with my results for CiM Poi. I sold it almost right away (in a venue completely unconnected to my blog post about Poi), and am now busily making beads to match it for my first large custom order. Since it's technically spring, and this bead is a very springy bead, I called it 'Sprung'.

I'm unable to resist playing just a little while I make those matching beads for my order, so out popped this other focal made with the same combination of colours. I called this bead 'Sprung's Sister' and feel a little weird about it, since it probably deserved its very own name, but this colour combo has been more or less permanently imprinted on me as my 'Sprung' palette.

So what is in the "Sprung" Palette?  Well it's a subset of the larger group of colours I'm using right now.
  • EFF Opal Yellow
  • EFF Copper Green
  • EFF Ink Blue
  • REI Mystic Grey Blue
  • CiM Poi 
  • EFF Ivory
  • DHX TerraNova2 (Rods and Frit)
  • PRC Abe's Ivy
  • Gold Aventurine 
  • Silver Leaf
The Gold Aventurine and the Poi are both encased with Ink Blue. I like this little palette very much, and can't wait to play with it again this coming weekend. Now, if only spring would really SPRING. It's been freezing here for the last couple of weeks, and it's hard to make beads while your hands are shaking.

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