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May 31, 2010

May Palette Update

It's been another whole month, so it's time for a Palette Update.

For anyone new to the blog, this where I tell everyone about my obsessive-compulsive glass usage habits.  I still secretly hope that someone out there will want to play along and work through these colours with me, but I have decided to settle for just shouting my colour choices out to the universe.

These are the colours that I'll kick off with in June.  As I run out of them / get tired of them (whichever comes first), I'll substitute others in from my treasure hoard.
  • REI Flamingo
  • CiM Sepia
  • EFF Yellow Opalino
  • CiM Slytherin
  • CiM Split Pea
  • EFF Ink Blue
  • REI Mystic Grey Blue
  • CiM Poi
Silver Glass:
  • DHX Terra2
  • DHX CE352
  • TAG Aquis
  • PRC Abe's Ivy
Anyone care to join me? If so, the staple colours that you are allowed to use with this palette are Black, White, Clear, Ivory, Dark Ivory, Adamantium, Opal Yellow and Copper Green. Dichro and metals are also allowed.

Since last month:
Flamingo has replaced Desert Pink
Sepia has replaced Sepia Unique #1
Yellow Opalino has replaced Mud Slide
Slytherin has replaced Dark Grass Green
Split Pea has replaced Elphaba Unique #2
... and I've done some waffling on the silver glass I'm using, but still just four colours at a time!  Expect me to waffle again, because I have no willpower and have two new TAG colours coming that I am not going to be able to stop myself from using.


  1. What the heck, I'll give it a go, at least for a few days, since I am not blessed with your stick-to-it-iveness. If you're looking for someone with the attention span of a gnat, I'm your person. I'll have to substitute some other glasses for your choices since my stash isn't as large, but I'll try to stick to some similarity, at least that I can see. I'll post the palette when I come up with it on my blog since I'm not technically savvy enough to link to your comments.

  2. Yay! :)

    Sticking with it is the whole point though... lol