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September 12, 2010

New Uniques from Creation is Messy

Today, I thought I'd post some beads made with the newest colours from Creation is Messy.
This bead is made with the new Mermaid Unique #1. This version of Mermaid is darker and bluer than Mermaid-proper, and the colour of it is just gorgeous. In this bead, I added silver glass frit and a twistie with silver glass in it over the Mermaid and then encased the whole thing.

It would have been good if I'd stopped there. I'm not sure what possessed me to put quite so much goldstone on it or the odd pink (Cranberry) dots that are on the side that I didn't photograph, but I'll restrain myself next time I make this style of bead.

The Mermaid Unique is a gorgeous, dense, dark teal that is several shades darker than regular Mermaid. It made my TerraNova2 frit do beautiful things, and it bled into my Opal Yellow dots.
This bead also featured Mermaid Unique #1. What a gorgeous colour!

This next bead is made with the new Butter Pecan Unique #5. This version of Butter Pecan fumes in a really interesting way with Silver Glass and is a little bit reactive, developing a fuzzy, greyish-brown outline with silver and copper-laden colours. I haven't done  my proper testing with regular Butter Pecan yet, so I'm not sure if this is a reaction I should have expected or not. Regardless, I am a little in love with this colour and will definitely be buying more of it once my wallet recovers from the double financial whammy of the Frantz Bash and Glass Stock.

This bead features Butter Pecan Unique #4 in some of the stripey swirls, and it's interesting to me that the lighter Butter Pecan Unique here is much less reactive than the darker #5 version. The #4 Unique isn't as appealing to me as the #5 one, but that is probably just a personal taste thing. It's lighter and a little more yellow than the #5 Unique and probably has all kinds of good things going for it that aren't apparent to me yet.

The new Celadon Unique #2 is just slightly greener than regular Celadon, and is just a little bit streakier and maybe a touch more reactive with Ivory. I prefer it to the original version of Celadon because the slightly greener hue takes it a bit further away from the turquoises in our 104 palette.

Next, here's a freeform bead made with a Limited Run colour called Adobe. This colour is reminiscent of the dark, gorgeous Butter Pecan Unique #3, only it is a little lighter than that colour. Again, gorgeous. I want more.
This little lentil also features Adobe, but as the base of the bead under all kinds of silver and silver glass. The Adobe fumes a much darker shade with the addition of those elements.

And finally, there is a light unique of Adamantium coming out. It's just like Adamantium-proper only a few shades lighter. I love Adamantium, and I love this new lighter version, too. This bead was made on a base of Dirty Martini with a silver glass twistie and then dots of Triton. It was encased with Reichenbach Crystal.

Not shown, but coming your way soon as well are Desert Pink Unique #2 and  Sepia Unique #2. Unfortunately for me, I had so many bead release incidents when I was torching that I don't have anything to show you about these colours. 

Sepia Unique #2 is not brown in the rod like Sepia-proper, and looks more like a dusky pale lavender-blue. I'm going to get some more of this when it's released so that I can properly examine it.

And that's your new Messy Colour update!

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