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November 10, 2012

Pantone Colours - Spring 2013

For those of us who are fashion-conscious (and I don't think that anyone who knows me would put me in that camp) the people at Pantone predict the fashion colours ahead of the designers and sweatshops creating the clothes that we will end up buying.  Even if, as beadmakers and jewellery designers, we don't care about being fashionable ourselves, it never hurts to know what colours are likely to coordinate with what our more fashion-savvy customers might like to buy next year.

So, I've taken a stab below at matching up glass colours to the Pantone 2013 women's and men's fashion palette.  Enjoy!

These are the Pantone colours, from the Pantone website. I've taken the liberty of combining the two images here so that I can talk about them together. The top set of 10 colours are the women's fashion colours, and the lower set of 10 colours are the men's colours. For expediency, I will deal with them all together, and because it pleases me, I'll do it in rainbow order.

This is a gorgeous palette. I love almost everything in it, with the possible exception of the eye-bendiness of the Emerald. I'll add to this as more options occur to me!

Poppy Red
  • CiM Maraschino
  • CiM Vermilion, which was previously known as Lipstick Unique #2
  • CiM Scarlett, which was previously known as Lipstick Unique #3
  • REI Strawberry (work it cool, and with enough oxygen, or it will be more like Alloy)
  • EFF Carrot Red
  • Effetre Medium Red
  • KUG Coral Red
Nectarine / Vibrant Orange
These are similar enough to me, in terms of how precise I can even get with glass colour, that I'll just deal with them together.
  • REI Opal Orange
  • EFF Striking Orange
  • EFF Hallowe'en
  • VET Tangerine Sparkle
  • CiM Peachy Keen (a little light, but really one of only two light orange transparent options)
  • LAU Peach (a little light, but really one of only two light orange transparent options)
  • LAU Orange-Yellow Opaque
  • EFF Venetian Sunrise Coral
  • CiM Ghee (heavily struck)
  • CiM Stone Ground
  • EFF Light Topaz
  • REI Amber
Lemon Zest
  • CiM Daffodil
  • CiM Ghee (lightly struck)
  • CiM Lemon Drop
Tender Shoots
  • EFF Green Olive
  • EFF Pale Green Apple
  • EFF Nile Green
  • CiM Key Lime Pie
  • CiM Elphaba
  • EFF Light Grass Green
  • EFF Kiwi
Grayed Jade
  • CiM Celadon (although it's a bit bright)
  • EFF Copper Green
  • EFF Pale Green Emerald
  • CiM Dirty Martini (although it's a bit light)
  • CiM Sherwood
  • CiM Moana
  • CiM Sea Foam
  • EFF Light Teal Transparent
  • CiM Galapagos
Dusk Blue
  • EFF Bonnie Blue (although it's a little on the bright side)
  • CiM Fremen (more than a little on the bright side)
  • EFF Medium Blue Transparent (although it's a little on the purple side)
  • EFF Sky Blue Opalino
  • VET Pajama Blue
  • CiM Caribbean
Monaco Blue
  • CiM Ink Blot
  • CiM Leaky Pen
  • EFF Ka-Bluey
  • LAU Steel Blue
African Violet
  • CiM Evil Queen
  • EFF Lavender
  • EFF New Violet
  • EFF Light Violet Transparent
  • EFF Silver Pink
  • CiM Sepia
  • CiM Butter Pecan
  • CiM Ginger
  • CiM Peaches & Cream
Tidal Foam
  • EFF Light Brown Transparent
  • CiM Sand Dollar
  • CiM Zombie (keep silver away from it or it will turn brown)
  • CiM Twilight
  • EFF Dark Steel Gray Transparent
  • REI Grey Transparent
  • VET Medium Grey

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