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April 4, 2015

Winter Colour Diet :: Session #3

Ah.... now this session was just a little kinder to me. I thoroughly cleaned my torch at the end of Session #2, and the result is that the colours are much less muddy. There is nothing really substantial emerging yet in terms of design in these beads, but each bead I made in this session at least taught me something and had some redeeming qualities.

This one is a base of Evil Queen with the wigwag mounted onto it across the centre in a diagonal and then up one side. I think that if I'd used Black as the base for this bead and had different-coloured dots, that it would have turned out better. I really like the way the colours came together in the wigwag up the left side of the bead and some of the funky reaction that developed in the colours diagonally up the centre of the bead.

In this bead, after I applied the wigwag, I raked it in a few places, but I waited until after I had already applied other surface decoration and raked the wigwag in at least one place where there was no room to move it without also moving the decoration immediately surrounding it. This is why planning is important :)

This one is a base of Spanish Leather with wigwag diagonally around it and murrini cut from the same cane decorating its surface. The wings are Mint Lozenge and the flower is Opal Yellow.

I used a little too much heat in this bead, and as a result my intense black lines have really wigged out and there is Intense Black webbing all over the surface. This bead was made on a base of Mint Lozenge.

This bead is my favourite of the bunch, but I struggled a bit with heat control here, too. The base of this one was Opal Yellow.

The wigwag used in all of these beads had a core of CiM Peace, and was striped with Spanish Leather, Striking Orange, Apple Blush, Opal Yellow, Shrubbery, Copper Green, Mint Lozenge, Ink Blue, and Evil Queen. The black stripes were made with thin stringers of either Effetre Intense Black or CiM Hades. I'm not TECHNICALLY supposed to be using Hades right now, but I had a hell of a time with Intense Black really spreading and webbing, so I dug into my stash of Hades to see if it would behave better. The ultimate answer is that it does behave better, but not much better. I will eventually use Reichenbach Deep Black in these canes, but I don't have any right now so I'm making do.

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