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April 29, 2015

Winter Colour Diet :: Session #6

I got mixed results in this session, and felt like the beads regressed a little from where they were in Session #5... but I think it is mainly because I was trying some new ideas. Some of them panned out, and some of them did not. I'll leave it to you to decide which was which, since I've started a new personal program to be nice to myself.

This is my first butterfly bead. I have some work to do to develop this design out, but am sort of pleased with this as a first attempt. Improvements I will look at include not making the body all curvy (butterflies don't move like that!), using less spready black cane, and using smaller components so that the design fits on the surface of the bead properly. There are other refinements in the works as well - for instance, what happened in the bottom left wing needs to be the standard and the bottom right wing needed to be placed and raked in exact mirror image to it.

I love the striations I got on the right side with my wigwag cane. I used gravity to lengthen it here. I'm not as pleased with the other end, but need to spend more time thinking about why. I think it might partly be due to the fact that I don't much like Purple.

Here, the wigwag was placed on a Tuxedo background, and then I used Shrubbery stringer to line it on both sides, which looks sort of interesting. The flowers are Peace, which does not maintain its whiteness over Tuxedo at all - it's gone all mottled and curdly - and the little stubby wings are Mint Lozenge.

This bead is a base of Shrubbery with my wigwag over it, and then was edged in Opal Yellow with a perhaps over-liberal application of Spanish Leather stringer decoration. I put some Peace flowers on top of the Shrubbery, and the odd Peace dot here and there.

This is the wigwag over a base of I-forget-what, gravity lengthened with black flowers. I will admit to being really pleased by this bead. I am totally doing more of this.

And finally, this bead is a base of I-forget-what covered in the wigwag, which is gravity-lengthened and then framed in Tuxedo. There's some Opal Yellow stringerwork and dots decorating the surface.

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