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June 25, 2016

Test Results :: Kabluey

Effetre Kabluey is a streaky blue colour, and its most interesting feature is that it behaves and reacts like Ivory in spite of its blueness. Kabluey is not currently available for sale anywhere I've looked except for a very pale, unstreaky variety, but if you happen across some, you should snap it up. I want to believe that it will come back, but it's a 700-series colour which, I think, means that it's a one-off. If there were ever a colour I was sad about losing from my palette, it's this one.

Silver behaves with Kabluey just as it does with Ivory. It fumes any surrounding Kabluey to a dark colour, and it crusts up on the surface of the Kabluey in a lacy fashion. When the silver is reduced and encased, the surface of it smooths out, but you can see the laciness in patches under the clear.

Because Kabluey is blue, it doesn't exactly set off the silver glass, but because it reacts like Ivory you get charming dark rings around the fritty bits. In the bead on the left, you can see that the frit has developed the black rings and some silvery halos inside the smaller pieces. In the rightmost bead, I got some decent colour from my TerraNova2 frit, which is what I would expect on top of an ivory-like colour.

I'm just going to bullet point the interesting reactions here, because there aren't very many of them:

  • Copper Green goes a dull army green colour and develops a dark line with Kabluey, both when used on top of and underneath it.
  • Opal Yellow and Kabluey develop a reciprocal greyish brown coloured line, both when Kabluey is used on top of and underneath Opal Yellow.
  • Opal Yellow separates on top of Kabluey.
  • Peace separates on top of Kabluey.

These beads all contain some Kabluey:


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