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June 2, 2016

Test Results :: Very Cherry

Effetre Very Cherry is a supersaturated transparent red that looks almost black until it is thinned out on top of other colours. It is not materially affected by a reducing flame, and once thinned out over white or clear, is a beautiful shade of red. Very Cherry also does not seem to get livery the way a lot of other reds do with long working., and it's a good colour to use in hollows, as well as twisties, wigwags and other kinds of cane since it holds its colour so beautifully in thin layers.

With silver, Very Cherry behaves much as it does for many other colours that are Ivory-friendly. The silver crusts up on the surface, much as it does with Ivory only without the blackening that accompanies this reaction on top of Ivory. In the bead on the right, you can see that reducing and encasing the silver made it turn blue. This is similar to results I've gotten with other hot transparent colours like Reichenbach Mystic Coral and Effetre Striking Orange.

Very Cherry also seems to be a really nice base for silver glass.  My TerraNova2 frit struck beautifully without any of the nasty discolouration that many other similarly effective base colours (e.g. Ivory) have when used with silver glass.

Reactionwise, Very Cherry doesn't really seem to pick a fight with other colours. You can see that it thins out and spreads on top of Peace which is probably a useful thing for it to do when used for flower petals, and some colours (Ivory, Copper Green, Opal Yellow) separate when used on top of it.

Here are some fun beads with Very Cherry:

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