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March 20, 2017

Test Results :: 14K

Effetre 14K is an older Effetre odd lot that probably isn't available anymore, so I am sorry if any of what you see below makes you want some but you can't get it.  A quick google search turned up a couple of possible sources for some, but I don't know if there was anything real behind the links that google showed me.

14K is like a more subdued, less reactive, scummier version of Effetre Yellow (008).  It's really beautiful with silver, and not so beautiful on its own.

Reducing 14K doesn't have any effect on the colour or surface finish. You can see in these beads how much bubble scum I got with this colour.

On top of 14K, my silver leaf crusted up and then turned a pinkish colour. When I reduced and encased the silver, I got a blue-studded white layer under my clear encasement. 14K turns silver a deep coppery gold colour when used as the encasement layer.

This colour is a really beautiful base colour for silver glass.  Look at the colours that came up in my TerraNova2 frit, and the beautiful streakiness of my frit stringer test.

In the frit stringer test bead, I made stringer with 14K and my mixed silver glass reduction frits, and then used that stringer to encase a core of 14K. Without reducing the bead, I encased it all in a layer of Clear.

Other than its cool reactions with silver, 14K doesn't seem to be all that reactive. There's maybe a very slight amount of separation in Opal Yellow on top of this colour, and other colours seem to really spread on top of it, but that's about all I see here.

I haven't made all that much with this colour, but here are some beads that contain 14K.

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