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March 13, 2017

Test Results :: Light Teal

Light Teal is a light/medium transparent green-blue colour. It's very pale in thin layers, but a satisfying medium teal colour when used alone or in thicker layers. It is a pretty soft colour for a transparent, making it a really nice colour to layer on top of opaques because it spreads really nicely.

Reducing Light Teal has no effect on its colour or surface finish.

Silver on top of Light Teal disperses pretty minutely - only a small amount of silver is visible on the surface of my leftmost bead although I coated it completely with silver leaf before melting it in. Silver turns yellow on top of light teal when you reduce and encase it. This is consistent with what happens when you do this on top of other blue-greens (e.g. Effetre Light Turquoise, CiM Celadon).

Here, you can see the Light Teal is a pretty base for silver glass reduction frit. I also got some nice purple out of my TerraNova2 frit here, although it is very dark in the picture and hard to see.

In these beads, you can see that Light Teal is a fairly reactive colour.  It makes Copper Green, Opal Yellow, and Peace separate and when Ivory is used on top of Light Teal, it gets a sort of creeping plague reaction around its edges.  Light Teal on top of Light Ivory is brownish around the edges.

Here are some beads that I've made with Light Teal.

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