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October 9, 2017

Test Results :: Jelly Bean

CiM Jelly Bean (CiM461) is similar in hue to Chartreuse tending just a little greener, but worked up a bit differently for me, streaking and bubbling more.

Reducing Jelly Bean doesn't change its colour or opacity.

On top of Jelly Bean, silver spreads and veins, looking lacy and beigeish.

My encased silver test bead cracked (right) and I'm not sure what to think about that. The crack is along the mandrel line so it is quite possibly thermal rather than any kind of compatibility problem, but if I ever have more Jelly Bean I will approach encasing it with a bit of caution.

I really love what my reducing silver glass frit did on top of Jelly Bean. Even though the results in these beads look very different from the results that I got with Chartreuse, the thing that the two glasses have in common is that the silver glass has done fun things with both of them.

Copper Green separates on top of Jelly Bean, and so do Opal Yellow, Ivory, and Peace. Ivory, Opal Yellow, and Peace separate underneath Jelly Bean too, rising up around its stringer lines and dots in fluffy halos.

Here are some other beads made with Jelly Bean.

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