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September 19, 2018

Test Results :: Purple Red

Effetre Purple Red (EFF438) is a very dark burgundy red colour. It can be a bit prone to boiling, so if you are using it in stringer form and are not really looking to have any air bubbles in your dots and lines, work it cool. It's a difficult colour to photograph, looking a bit lighter and a bit redder in person than you'll imagine it is from my photographs in this post.

Purple Red doesn't change when you reduce it.

Like some other reds, silver can turn blue when used on top of this colour. You can see some blue in both the unencased and encased bead above.

On top of Purple Red, my reduction frit pieces got interesting yellowish outlines and developed pretty colours in the reduction flame. This colour was also a surprisingly effective base for my TerraNova 2 frit. I got beautiful colours from the frit on top of Purple Red.

CiM Peace separates on top of Purple Red but, on the whole, this colour not very reactive with other colours. It can thin out and looks a bit transparent when used in thin layers over a lighter colour like Opal Yellow or Peace.

Here are some additional beads that contain Purple Red.

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