May 7, 2019

Test Results :: Amethyst

Amethyst (CiM629) is a light purple transparent. It's pretty with silver, and makes a deeper pink when layered over a light pink like Desert Pink. It's not very reactive.

I always struggle with the lightest CiM transparent colours. I was a bit surprised to find that I had different problems with this one than I have had in the past with colours like Larkspur and Count von Count, because I didn't experience any bubbling with this one.

I did get strange 'snail trails' of pale semi-opacity through this colour while I was working it, though. This is similar to the challenges I had with CiM Experimental, CiM's newest Clear. And that makes sense, since Clear is probably how this colour starts out before the purpliness is added to it.

Silver loves being on top of Amethyst, crusting up in interesting ways on its surface. Amethyst does not discolour silver when you encase with it, and a layer of silver leaf reduced and encased on top of Amethyst turns an ethereal silvery blue.

Silver Glass on top of Amethyst is pretty.

Amethyst lightens up considerably when used in thin layers. It is not very reactive, so there's not much to say about these beads.

Here's a long bicone that includes some Amethyst.

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