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October 8, 2019

Test Results :: Little Boy Blue

CiM Little Boy Blue (CiM561) us a gorgeous blue-grey opaque. It's butter-smooth, and reminds me a lot of Dirty Martini and Lapis in terms of how nice it is to work with. I'm sad to see that it is already sold out, but I hope that hearing how nice we all think it is might inspire CiM to make more of it for us.

Little Boy Blue does not change colour when you reduce it.

On top of Little Boy Blue, silver disappears. Until you reduce and encase it, and then it sits like a cloudy, silvery blanket under the clear layer. This is the exact opposite of what happens between silver and Dirty Martini, so I guess here is where those colours' similarities end.

Reducing silver glass frit is pretty on top of Little Boy Blue, and it really stands out as an excellent base of striking silver glass frit. I got beautiful colour  from my TerraNova2 here, and beautiful separation haloes around all the little fritty bits.

Little Boy Blue separates on top of Tuxedo, but it is not very reactive with other colours. Copper Green stays very grey on top of it.

Here is a pair of beads made with Little Boy Blue. I'll come back and publish some more when I have them.

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