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January 27, 2020

Test Results :: Ginger

CiM Ginger (CiM701) is a pretty, soft peachy-pink opaque colour. It is fairly inert - it will fume and discolour with silver, but in a much milder way than other neutral colours like Ivory.

Ginger doesn't change colour when you reduce it. You can see in the bead on the right that Ginger can be a bit streaky. In that bead, a lot of the colour migrated to the middle of the bead when I was melting it down.

Silver fumes the surface of Ginger slightly, giving it a yellowish cast. If you reduce and encase the silver leaf with Effetre Super Clear it turns an interesting, ethereal, lacy white with blue and pink halo effects under the clear.

It also, sadly, cracked in this test bead, so if you will be using this colour with silver and encasing it with clear, make a test bead or two first to see if this crack was because of that combination or if it was my fault.

Ginger is an average base for silver glass. My reducing silver glass bits spread out on top of the Ginger, and it stayed pretty neutral under the silver glass. I got a lackluster starting strike from my TerraNova2 frit. It seems from looking back at my notes for CiM Butter Pecan Uniques #4 and #5 that Ginger is significantly less reactive with silver than either of those colours were.

I'm looking forward to having worked all the way through this bluish batch of Tuxedo that I still have so much of. Ginger separates and thins out on top of Tuxedo, but the only reason the Tuxedo looks blue on the leftmost bead here is because this particular batch of Tuxedo was less opaque than usual.

Copper Green and Ginger don't strongly react, but you can see a defined outline around my Copper Green stringer work if you zoom in. It's not a dark line reaction like with Ivory, it's more like the Copper Green is floating just on top of the Ginger on some thin transparent layer. Ginger separates a bit on top of Copper Green.

On top of Ivory, Ginger blushes a darker colour at its edges, but there is no strong reaction between Ginger and Opal Yellow, Ivory, or Peace.

Here are some other beads that contain Ginger.

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