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January 9, 2017

Test Results :: Bordello

This colour is very saturated and dark in colour, but lightens up beautifully over White/Ivory. I didn't expect to like it as much as I do, but I find this colour oddly appealing.  Because it is so dark, it's not a great colour for applications like flower petals in encased florals, but it does layer really nicely over colours like coral, adding depth to the colour and making a deep, warm red.

Here you can see that in self-coloured spacers, Bordello is so saturated that it almost looks black. Reducing it has no effect on the colour.

Silver fumes a bluish colour on top of Bordello, and that blue is still evident when the silver is reduced and encased. There's also some greyish murkiness in these beads, like the silver is reaction with Bordello the way it does with Ivory.

In these beads, you can see that Bordello wars a bit with silver glass, too. There's really interesting reactivity around the fritty bits in both of these beads -- in the reducing silver glass frit bead the weirdness is inside the frit itself, with the frit forming borders around itself of different colours. In the rightmost bead, the frit appears to have caused a greyish halo to rise up in the surrounding Bordello. and I got some initial purples and blues from the TerraNova2 frit indicating that it would probably have struck fairly well on top of this colour if I'd given it a chance.

I was surprised here, because since Bordello was so reactive with silver and silver glass, I was expecting it and Copper Green to not get along. However, there is no dark line reaction between Bordello and Copper Green, and the Copper Green separated slightly on top of Bordello.

Where I used Opal Yellow on top of Bordello, the Bordello has bled into it in places.  Opal Yellow, Ivory, and Peace all seem to spread on top of Bordello. Additionally, Opal Yellow and Peace separate on top of it.

Bordello is very saturated. It keeps a dark, deep red colour even in thin layers over very light colours. It was sort of interesting to see that in a couple of places, I had trouble with Bordello unstriking on top of Ivory and Peace. I'm not sure what caused this, and it's also sort of noteworthy that where it unstruck over Ivory it looks yellow, whereas where it unstruck over peace it just looks lighter.

Some beads in these sets were made with Bordello.

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