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January 2, 2017

Test Results :: Light Violet Transparent

Effetre Light Violet is a medium to dark transparent violet. When I got these pictures taken and started writing this post, I looked back at my test results to see how different this colour is from Dark Violet, its close cousin.  As far as I can tell, apart from being a touch brighter in thin layers and quite a bit less reactive with silver and colours like Opal Yellow, it is very, very similar. 

Light Violet, like Dark Violet, is a bit of a saturation puzzle... it is very, very dark when used alone in self-coloured beads, making you think that it must be a very dense colour. The contrast between the 'lightness' of this colour with other Effetre 'light' transparents like Light Aqua, Light Teal, Light Emerald, Light Topaz, etc. is marked. If you were to put these spacers beside spacers of any of those other colours, it would be hard to convince someone that this colour was supposed to be 'Light' since you can't see through it at all and those others all let a lot of light through.

Reducing Light Violet has no effect on the colour of it.

Interestingly, I think that the lower reactivity of this colour makes it a better base of silver glass colours. As I've been doing these tests, I've been making note of the colours that seem to make easier bases for striking silver glass, because I'm trying to find a pattern. I don't think I'm there yet, and maybe seeing this test every time isn't useful for other people. If not, I'm sorry about that. Let's move on :)

Silver lies pretty inert on the surface of Light Violet, spreading out a bit and balling up. When it's reduced and encased, a faint blue blush can be seen where there are 'holes' in the silvery blanket under the clear.

Light Violet is not a reactive colour, and I have nothing interesting to say about any of these tests.  It seems like this colour would be good in layering combinations since it stays pretty much as you put it and doesn't cause a lot of weirdness in other colours.

While Light Violet is actually pretty dark in self-coloured beads, and the hue of it is 'dark', it is not a very saturated colour. It thins out significantly when it's used over other colours in thin layers.

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