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January 23, 2017

Test Results :: Pale Blue Transparent

Effetre Pale Blue transparent is a soft blue. The colour of it is beautiful, and I think I would love it if the clarity of it was better.  I found my rods of this colour a little bit scummy, even when I cleaned them much more fastidiously than usual.

Reducing this colour does not appear to have any affect on it. If you click on this picture and make it larger, you can see all of the scummy bubbles and other floaty yuckiness that is throughout these pale blue spacers.  When it's hot, the scumminess is even more apparent. 

On top of Pale Blue Transparent, silver leaf spreads out and looks lacy and a bit yellowish and just sits on the surface. When the silver is reduced and encased, the yellow blush fades and the effect is more whitish and translucent. Pretty :)

Here, I've used Pale Blue Transparent as the base colour for silver glass. In the rightmost bead I used my random blend of reducing silver glass colours, and it looks pretty and cloudy on top of the Pale Blue base.  In the bead on the right, I didn't get much colour starting in  my TerraNova2 frit, and so if I were looking for a colour to put striking silver glass on top of, I would probably choose something else.

There are not many reactions to speak of here, but there are a couple of things that I want to mention.

When you use Pale Blue on top of Copper Green, it creates turquoise 'islands' in the Copper Green that are ringed with slightly darker turquoise. You can see this in both my dots and my stringer lines, and I think it's a pretty neat effect.

Pale Blue transparent does not affect the colour of Ivory, and it looks pretty and soft wehn used over top of Ivory. I'm sure there's a neat use for this.

Peace separates slightly on top of Pale Blue Transparent.

Here are some beads I made using Pale Blue Transparent:

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