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June 12, 2017

Test Results :: Peat Moss

CiM Peat Moss (CiM452) is a rich, earthy olive green transparent colour. It is definitely unique in the 104 CoE palette, and I hope that we see more of both this and Eel Grass, my other favourite transparent from this lot of new CiM colours.

Peat Moss doesn't change much when you reduce it.

Here, I've compared Peat Moss against Effetre Olive and Effetre Light Grass Green.  As you can see, it is significantly more on the yellow side and a fair bit browner than both of those colours. I got a lot of bubbles in all of these colours, which is no doubt my own fault, but Peat Moss does seem to be a colour that likes to bubble, especially when it is used in stringer form. I think the key to avoiding these bubbles is to work slower and cooler, which I'll practice :)

On top of Peat Moss, my silver turned yellow in a thick crusty layer. When I encased a similar layer of silver with clear on top of Peat Moss, all of the silver turned white.

I think this is the test result that confused me the most.  In all of my previous tests, when I've encased silver foil with a transparent colour, it has either turned the silver golden OR left it a shiny silver under the colour layer. Peat Moss is the first colour that has effectively deadened the silver so that it has no shine at all.

On top of Peat Moss, my reducing silver glass developed very interesting colour and edges, leading me to believe that Peat Moss is a good colour to use with reducing silver glass.  My TerraNova2 frit didn't do anything remarkable - Peat Moss seems like it would be an average base colour for striking silver glass.

Here you can see that Peat Moss does interesting things when pulled into stringer with reducing silver glass frit. I was surprised to see that I got this result but that it did not turn my silver foil gold, since up until now there has been a strong correlation between those two behaviours.

Copper Green, Opal Yellow, Ivory, and Peace all separate on top of Peat Moss.  Also interesting, Copper Green didn't develop its customary greyish patina when worked with Peat Moss.

Here are a few beads made with Peat Moss:

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